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Congratulations on your decision to try pistol shooting at the Gosford District Pistol Club (GDPC). The Club is located on the Rifle Range Firetrail at Kariong, NSW. To get there turn north from Woy Woy Road onto the Scout Camp Firetrail (signposted). At the first Y junction turn left, and the first building that you see will be the GDPC. Ask for the Club Captain.

Try Shooting


1.            Complete a P650 form – this is retained by the Club.

2.            Complete the New South Wales Amateur Pistol Association (NSWAPA) P650 Safety Course. The applicant may then shoot under supervision.

Joining the Club


1.            Contact the Secretary for an application form, and return the completed form to the Secretary.

2.            The application is then approved by the Committee, and the applicant informed. The applicant then pays annual fees, currently $310. This includes a capitation fee to the NSWAPA. Pro rata fees apply for those joining after 1st May. Once fees are paid, you will be provided with a Member Number and a blue NSWAPA Membership Card. This must be brought to the range whenever you shoot.

3.            Complete the FAR Pistol Safe Handling Course. A Completion Certificate is issued by the Club.

4.            Apply to the Firearms Registry (FAR) for a Probationary Pistol Licence (PPL) or Minors Permit (ages 12 to 17), as applicable. For all info go to:

5.            Click on the Firearms Licences box and read carefully the process for application. Any other info you may need is also on this site.

6.            After issue of a PPL, within six months, complete the Pistol Firearms Safety Training Course (including three Club shoots). During this period all shoots must be under supervision and you are not allowed to possess ammunition, unless you already have a licenced firearm of the same calibre. A Completion Certificate will be sent by the Club to the FAR.

7.            You may then apply for Permits to Acquire up to two pistols, in different categories. The categories as defined by the FAR are:

a.            One air pistol and one rimfire, or

b.            One air pistol and one black powder, or

c.            One air pistol and one centre fire.

8.            Within 28 days before the expiry of the PPL, apply to the FAR for a full licence.

Purchasing Pistols:

1.            Click on the Acquiring Firearms box on the FAR website.

2.            Complete a Club Confirmation form and send to the Secretary, President or Club Captain for signature. This will need to be scanned and included with your application.

3.            Complete the online application process.

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